Where to buy the best Raw Food for your Dog or Cat in Spain junio 23, 2019 00:00

where to buy raw food for your dog

Whether you are visiting our beloved country and enjoying the good food and weather or you are a resident, it might be that you're very accustomed to feeding raw to your dog or cat.


While raw feeding or Dieta Barf is trending up in Spain, there is still not an even supply and quality might vary depending on territories and brands, therefore, we receive many calls from different parts of the country asking about the kind of service that is to be expected from us.


To answer the most frequent questions we get, we've put together this small list. Maybe if you're looking to buy raw food in Spain, this convinces you to come by and say hello :-)


1. We serve you in your own language


We do have a solid business days service desk (5x8) at your disposal where we can serve you in fluent English and German.


You can also contact us by chat (whether by phone - 911412045), via the web or via Facebook or Instagram) and email (info@puromenu.es). 


Although the web is in spanish, on a laptop you can right click with your mouse over it and easily translate it to english, german or any other language to look for your products.


natural raw food diet in spain where


2. We're experts in dog and cat nutrition


We do have within our team the best vets and nutritionists to provide you advice in case you need it. We've got lots of calls everyday about pet's nutrition and we're happy to serve.


3. Enjoy the broadest BARF selection


As you might know, there are several ways to feed a Raw diet to our beloved pets: Barf Diet, Prey Model, Custom, etc.


We do provide the best selection of meats, offal and bones to create your own mixes for cats and dogs, as you would do at home and we also provide Complete Menus that are second to none in the the market.


Finally, we also offer a good selection of natural supplements, treats and ambient products so you never run out of good stuff for your furry friends.


buy the best barf in spain

4. Best quality is a must

Many international customers trust us every day with their orders.


They value Puromenu mainly because of its quality.


We are certified producers and develop our own products following strict international feeding norms executed with the advice of our veterinaries and nutritionists.


All our complete menus are elaborated in human grade facilities, which speaks for the high levels of hygiene and control that rules our manufacturing.


We produce in Spain and use mostly local meats and ingredients, which also grants a low carbon footprint.


5. We're online! and we deliver every week to your place, hotel, villa... you name it!


It does not matter where you have your residence in Spain, whether you're just visiting with your friend in a hotel or if you live by the coast.


We're famous because we deliver, wherever, and we do it in 24h, perfectly frozen :-)


In the web you'll be able to select which day do you want to receive your package and we pack it following the highest standards by using EPS plus dry ice at -80 degrees to keep all your products fresh and risk free.


Don't take our word for it, have a look:



6. Don't take our word for it, ask our customers

We count on independent opinion trackers (eKomi) which provide real time feedback from our customers - check it out!


And also independent audit companies (Confianza Online) to make sure our service quality keeps up.



You can find more testimonia in our Facebook page 


8. More interested to buy in a store near you?


We do have a list of stockists in the Peninsula which you can locate via our store locator.


We serve regularly to stores in the Canary Islands / Islas Canarias:

  • Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote

And Balearic Islands / Islas Baleares:

  • Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca


And if we don't have a store in your location we commit to talk to your convenience choice to offer them our products and get them as close to you as possible, isn't that nice? :-)


7. Here is how to get in contact!


Here you can find our contact details, don't be shy and show up to say hello, we'll be happy to hear from you! :-)


Phone: 911 412 045

Web and webchat: puromenu.es

Email: info@puromenu.es